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Home and future
Worldwide, 1 in 6 people live in hilly areas. HomePlan contributes to better housing for the poorest

HomePlan is a small private organization founded in 1997.

Together with local partners we build houses for the poorest people in developing countries. A house not only gives them protection but it gives them a new home and most important a sense of selfesteem. After the construction our local partner will continue with support in education, medical treatment and community development. We believe that a house is a first step towards a better future.


"Zelf ben ik nooit naar school geweest, maar ik vind het belangrijk dat mijn kinderen wel naar school gaan. Het leven is hier niet makkelijk. We verbouwen maïs en fruit. Soms als er wat over is, kunnen we wat verkopen op de markt. Vroeger waren we blij al."

Elimene - Haiti

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