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House, home, future
House, home, future

Meet our team

Who are we?
The HomePlan organization is supported by a growing group of volunteers and donors. The voluntary board supports the team on specific topics. At our office in Breda, the HomePlan team consists of four permanent teammembers and two volunteers. 
Entrepreneur Jan Tebbe († 2006) is the founder of HomePlan. He felt that a safe house is the first step to a better future for people who live in poor conditions. We still work from this spirit. 

Marike van Seeters - CEO
Liesbeth van Dijk - Finance & Administration
Patricia Dijkstra - Partnerships
Wilke Hop - Communication & Fundraising
Ricus Dullaert - Projectmanager Southern Africa


Iskander Haverkate - Chairman 
Marius van der Veeken - Treasurer
Boris van der Gijp - Member
Carla van de Vijver - Member

Worldwide, 1 in 6 people live in slums. HomePlan contributes to better housing for the poorest


“I have never been to school myself, but I think it is really important that my children go to school. Life is not easy here. We grow corn and fruit. Sometimes, when fruit and vegetables are left over, we can sell this on the market. We used to be happy when it rained, for the crops. But when it rained at night, the whole family was seeking shelter in a corner of the hut. The new house has given us a chance, a new beginning.”

Elimene, Haïti

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