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House, home, future
House, home, future

About HomePlan

Stichting HomePlan was established in 1997 to provide the poorest with a decent home. We believe that every person in the world has the right to a safe haven. A house to create a home and to build a future.

We always work with local partners to reach the most vulnerable and poorest people. They have the best knowledge of local customs and culture and offer aftercare programs in addition to housing. In this way we support people in their further development and we offer them a chance for a better future. By asking the beneficiaries to contribute and to help in the construction process of the house, the solidarity and involvement increases.

We not only raise funds for the construction projects, HomePlan also coordinates buildingtrips for volunteers. For example, every year a number of groups of volunteers travel to our projects. That is a nice gesture to support the local residents and a unique life experience.

Stichting HomePlan is a CBF-recognized charity. The logo we use on our website and other expressions shows that we adhere to the rules that apply for recognition by the independent Central Bureau for Fundraising (CBF) in the Netherlands. Recognized charities know what they want to achieve, have their organization in order and tell openly and understandably about it.


House, Home, Future

'House, Home and Future', these three words symbolize the approach of HomePlan.

To make a careful choice for a project, we have our own guidelines. We focus on cooperation with local organizations. The project can not take place without a local partner. Together with the residents and our partner organization, we collect information about all kinds of things like education, water supply, medical help, building requirements and land ownership. Once an application has been approved, HomePlan starts the construction- process with its partner. We encourage local parties to co-finance the construction.



We have close contact with our partner organizations throughout the construction process and beyond. We are often personally involved in the projects by helping ourselves during a construction trip. This ensures that we can adapt the projects in a good way to the local circumstances and needs of the residents.


Home and future

The house is not a goal in itself, but provides a basis of safety and protection. Together with our local partner organizations, residents reflect on their home and future. For example, they need education, medical assistance, but also childcare or legal support.
HomePlan realizes the 'House, Home and Future' approach in Southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe and Swaziland) and Latin America (Nicaragua, Haïti, El Salvador). This is only possible thanks to the growing number of volunteers and donors.


Mission Statement

"HomePlan builds homes for the poorest people in Latin America and Southern Africa, with the idea that better housing is a start to a better life." HomePlan is a small, effective organization, to make sure that as much as possible of the received funds is spent on the poorest people. "

Worldwide, 1 in 6 people live in slums. HomePlan contributes to better housing for the poorest


“I have never been to school myself, but I think it is really important that my children go to school. Life is not easy here. We grow corn and fruit. Sometimes, when fruit and vegetables are left over, we can sell this on the market. We used to be happy when it rained, for the crops. But when it rained at night, the whole family was seeking shelter in a corner of the hut. The new house has given us a chance, a new beginning.”

Elimene, Haïti

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